Welcome to the Dixon-Spain Family Tree

Over the last three / four years I have been compiling the Dixon-Spain family tree, as far as I can make it out. The result is the series of pages listed to the right of this text. You’ll see both the living and the dead in this list.

I am also developing similar trees for other related families. First on the list is of course the Harrisson clan and then possibly the Squires. If you wish to add another family tree to the collection, then let me know and I can set up the site and I can give you some basic notes on how to add material.

Please explore the pages, and the material I have gathered, feel free to make comment, and do let me know if I have got things wrong.

You’ll fine some pages are restricted to members (ie family members) and if you’d like to view them, please let me know and I’ll sort it.

Enjoy! CSDS