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Google Books and Familial Research

Working my way through all the research possibilities that the net offers for free has been an interesting experience. Refining and re-refining searches has been rewarding, if in a limited way. Actually I say that, and the Heckington Spaynes came out of a Google search, as did the marriages of Spains in Lincoln and the […]

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Spains, Spaynes and Plagues

To record or not to record, that is the genealogical question. I’ve just updated the website, making two major leaps of faith to fill in the family in the early to mid-nineteenth century. With only the knowledge that the Rev. Thomas was born in Lincoln, I searched for his father Thomas and came up with […]

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A bug in WPMU creating pages?

Mild mannered genealogical janitor by day, but by night bug-ridden, page overwriting fuey? Could Be! A frustrating half an hour with WPMU overwriting the same page with material for three pages sequentially. I didn’t catch on to begin with having been fooled by Firefox shift-refresh thing, but then I changed to safari, which created a […]

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The Wives of the Reverend Thomas Dixon-Spain

With the help of David Secker I have been piecing together the marital arrangements on the Reverend Thomas. It seems he married Elizabeth Showler first, and with her had two children, Lizzie and Thomas. The latter, according to family legend, was the black sheep of the family and went away to Ohio having dallied with […]

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Ted’s Service Record Now Uploaded

Two sheets of A3 came through the post a few months ago, and I have just scanned them in and put them up on JEDS’s page. Confirmed his time and place of death, his marriage, and Elsie’s surname as well his decorations and postings. Incredibly active career — particularly that bit in WW2 during the […]

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