m. Alice Burnett Thompson

Born: 10th June 1887
Died: 1978, Snettisham

of Lutton Marsh.

Mentioned in Norfolk Mills:

“Mrs. Dixon-Spain – later married Dr. Parrymore. Gardener’s cottage built adjoining the mill house. ….
1978: Mrs.Parrymore died”

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  1. Dixon-Spain
    Posted August 5, 2009 at 9:41 pm | Permalink

    Henry Thompson was the great agricultural scion of the fen and Norfolk who innovated by recognising the value of farming potatoes over cattle-producing grassland.
    His son George Thompson m. Lucy Cawdwell
    Alice was youngest of 8 (?)
    “If you marry my daughter you have to farm.”
    Harry was an architect who therefore farmed in Thorney.
    Wryde and Knarr Farms. Managed Waldersey and Grange Farm, Tydd.

    Symington and Worth families also benefitted from Henry Thompson’s foresight by marriage.

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